Aluminium plays a crucial role in the semiconductor and solar industries at various points. Many specific aluminium block solutions for vacuum chambers are supplied by alimex globaly. The solar industry is gaining in importance worldwide with the increasing use of “green” solar energy. It is not just the manufacturers of solar systems who shape this development and benefit from it: the value chain is carried out in a wide range of sectors, from the industrial groups to the service provider.


Automation and Automation Equipment Manufacturers are key drivers for industry development and achieving Industry 4.0. High-precision aluminium from alimex offers ever more efficient solutions and innovation possibilities. alimex aluminium already has special properties such as lightness, conductivity, stability and corrosion resistance. When we combined these properties with our Precision Machined Surfaces, manufactures can save time, increase productivity and delivery higher quality machinery.


Medical technology is one of the most important growth markets of the future. Aluminium plays a very important role in medical technology innovations. The aluminium solutions from alimex are in use in many places. Hardly any other industry will be as important in the future as the healthcare sector and therefore medical technology. Advances in technology make it possible to further improve people’s medical care, to apply optimized therapeutic and invasive procedures, and to increase life expectancy.


Aluminium in the auto industry creates significant weight reductions and thus the basis for resource-saving fuel savings. alimex manufactures such parts for the automotive industry. The progressive tightening of CO2 limits are the strongest drivers for lightweight construction, where the material aluminium plays a key role. In addition to technological advances in powertrains and engines, weight reduction is helping to reduce fossil fuel consumption and emissions.

Layup Tooling, Moulds and Dies

The process of equipment manufacture that aids in the conversion of a raw material into a required shape is commonly referred to as tool, die and mould making. The equipment required to convert raw material into a required shape is commonly referred to as tooling. Tooling is found in almost all manufacturing industries including: • Automotive • Aerospace • Rail & Marine • Defence • Mining • Agro-processing • Mineral beneficiation • Leisure • Packaging (foodstuffs, consumer goods and electronics). Materials converted / moulded include: • Metals • Aluminium • Polymers (Plastics) • Carbon Fibre. Alimex cast aluminium blocks are regularly used within these fields, yielding high quality innovative products.