Our Technology


The annealing of aluminium is at the core of alimex cast plate and block production. In our bespoke cutting-edge annealing facility, aluminium becomes a material with very special properties and capabilities. alimex meets the growing global demand for its high-quality aluminium with its state-of-the-art annealing technology and, at the same time, invests in the further development of this aluminium technology which is indispensable for many high-tech innovations across all industries. Our bespoke plant, commissioned in 2017, sets new standards in more than just production. More efficient equipment also offers better energy efficiency and thus improved conservation of resources and environmental sustainability.



As a supplier of aluminium cast plates alimex offers products with outstanding material properties, high precision and fast availability. alimex supplies high-precision plates and blocks for almost all sizes and cuts. The alimex products produced in the special cast-plate process offer the widest variety of surface and material properties – perfectly matched to the respective field of application. alimex sets standards in the industry worldwide with its cast plate technology. In addition, customers benefit from the fast worldwide availability and the fulfillment of all technical and certification requirements.


precision surface milling

Milling aluminium is a matter of accuracy to the thousandth of a millimeter a technique with many parameters. Many factors must be considered to achieve the ideal result when milling aluminium. It can be little things that make the difference. Deviations are not acceptable in most applications of cast aluminium elements, because they reduce performance and introduce quality risks.
The knowledge of the properties and treatment requirements of the special alloy is at the forefront of aluminium milling: each alloy reacts differently to the milling process. Due to the high milling speeds, the resulting heat can soften the aluminium; the milling result would be impaired or destroyed by adhering chips. The milling technology at alimex uses state-of-the-art machinery. All CNC specifications and systems can be processed, so that the integration into the process and documentation chain of the customers is absolutely reliable.